Turn-Key Solutions

Our work activities are basic engineering, detailed engineering and project management related. Therefore we are able, in combination with a predefined scope and standard, to provide turn-key solutions. We deliver our systems on one or more compact modules which are installed, connected and commissioned on location. This way we significantly reduce required installation time and plot space with high safety standards.

Reuse of CO2

The consumption of heat and energy in industry and households has increased significantly over the past years. This has resulted in an increase of CO2 emissions and the subsequent impact on the environment. CO2 does not only have negative effects. It can be used as feedstock in the chemical industry, food industry, and photosynthesis (greenhouses). CO2 can only be used as feedstock when it is available at high purity. Alta Innovation Support can provide clients a sustainable technology which can be used to selectively remove CO2 from their gas streams. The removed CO2 comes available at a high purity. By using the technology of Alta Innovation Support clients are able to valorise their CO2 stream and to reduce their CO2 emissions.

Reuse of Waste Heat

In industry 50% of the total amount of waste heat is low-temperature heat and is often emitted to the surroundings. Reuse of this residual heat is often not economic viable due to the low Carnot efficiency. Alta Innovation Support has several technologies to convert the low-temperature waste heat in high temperature heat, electricity or cold with an attractive and positive business model.


Engineering Support

With our broad experience of process engineering in the oil and gas industry we are able to provide (process) engineering support like debottle necking and trouble shooting of current systems and by performing FEED studies, feasibility studies or safety studies of new systems.

Technology Development

Due to our extensive network in different sectors we can translate needs into clear market demands. Based on these market demands we are designing and guide in the development of new sustainable technologies. Most often it is hard for new technologies to reach the market and Alta Innovation Support is functioning as the missing link between the supplier of technologies and the market.

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