Process Optimisation and Waste Heat Recovery

For a leading pharmaceutical company a heat balance is made for one of their production processes. By optimisation of the process and waste heat recovery we were able to reduce cooling water and steam consumption up to 40% and 30% respectively. The residual waste heat was used for the production of electricity by using a new innovative technology.

CO2 Recycling

In cooperation with Procede, a company specialised in research and development of new technologies for the chemical industry, a chain optimisation has been made for the waste processing industry. Flue gases are treated with a highly selective solvent for CO2. The removed CO2 becomes available at high purity and can be used in the synthesis of a product which is used in the removal of other components present in the flue gas. By recycling the CO2 the operational costs are reduced and the remaining flue gases has less impact on the environment. Based on the situation and location the recycled CO2 can also be used for other purposes, like feed-stock in greenhouses, food and chemical industries.

Trouble Shooting

An international production company of industrial gases had a problem with corrosion in one of their amine system. An analysis of the amine system is made based on the current process data and the results of the process simulator PPS. The conclusion was that locally high concentrations of acidic components occurs. With this information combined with our knowledge of separation and hydrodynamics we were able to predict the location and type of corrosion. The outcome of this survey was in line with the observations in the field. Our client has used our information to modify their amine system to minimise corrosion and increase the lifetime of the amine system and subsequently significantly reduce the reparation costs due to corrosion.

Process Engineering

For a leading international energy supplier we have done several projects. During these projects we have looked into different relevant concepts, evaluated the concepts and selected the concept best suitable for the project. The selected concept was further elaborated to determine the design basis. Engineering activities were not limited to process engineering only but mechanical and instrumentation engineering was done as well. Besides our engineering activities we had a coordinating role. The client requirements of the different disciplines were brought together in the final design basis while the initial concept and idea was guarded. One of the completed projects is currently build and shall be online in the near future.

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